The range of our wooden sextoys

The iPod range

The range of our wooden sextoys

NEW: Sextoys made in first-class wood

Contrary to what you may think, wood is a precious and warm material that is very easy to work on and to polish and has a unique touch compared with any other object made with artificial materials.

I use world-class woods from Brazil, Guyana and Africa

Brazil ipé hardwood is dark brown with beautiful yellow veins.

Brazil garapa is a golden hardwood with white veins.


Then comes zebrano wood, from Guyana, that has outstanding veins.

Those woods are immaculate, very hard, dense and faultless.

They are very easy to polish, and the result is wonderful and very smooth.

All the Bobtoys products have been thoroughly designed, made, polished and protected by hand.

No solvent, no paint, no chemicals on my pieces, they are guaranteed 100% natural.

I take excellent care of my products, from their design up to their final wrapping.

Customer satisfaction is my top priority.